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Artificial Branches Verdevip®: realistic and high-quality branches.

The Artificial Branches Verdevip® are made of high-quality polyesther, the souls are made of modular plastic coated iron wires, so you can adapt them to the desired position.

The artificial Leaves are made of resistant and washable materials, they faithfully reproduce colours, shades, texture and veins of the corresponding natural species.

The Artificial Bushes do not need any maintenance, there is no cost for any irrigation system, no water consumption, no pesticides and herbicides are necessary.

To keep branches and bushes clean, it is enough to periodically wipe them using a dry cloth to remove the dust. To preserve their beauty and colours over time it is advisable to use our detergent Verde Brill that cleans the leaves and makes them shiny thanks to its anti-dust properties.

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