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Olive Tree

Artificial Olive Tree, hyper-realistic, with fruits, available also in the UVR version. Height from 1 to 5 m, wide choice of trunks. The Tree that goes through the History of Mankind.

The Verdevip® Artificial Olive Tree is one of the made in Italy best sellers, both in Europe and in the UAE, as well as in America. The leaves are detailed and faithful replicas of the real Olive Tree leaves both for their grey-green colour and for their narrow, lanceolate shape: the tips of some leaves have got even the characteristic brown shade, typical of this species that is the transcendental symbol of spirituality and sacredness, present in the symbology and in the myths since Prehistoric Times. On the branches there are some black olives that can be cut away upon customer’s request. Likewise, the crown can be customized, central on the trunk, to the right or to the left of it in the required proportions so to fit it in any space of any size, creating the desired effect. Available also in the Luxe version and in the UVR version, the Olive Tree branches can be installed on any trunk of the Trunk Collection by Verdevip®. At the entrance of a living room, in a meeting room, in the hall of a hotel, in a restaurant room, in a theme corner, but also in a garden, in a patio, in the outdoor spaces of a resort, in the shopping malls, an evocative presence you will no way forget.

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