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Artificial Willow, indistinguishable from the real Willow. Height from 1 to 5 m, wide choice of trunks. Harmony of Grace and Serenity.

With its hanging and thin branches, its light green-dark green leaves, its peculiar downward bearing and its natural trunk, completely built by our experienced craftsmen in our workshop in Bergamo, the Verdevip® Artificial Willow is a truly characteristic tree that will no doubt draw your guests’ attention. Identical to the real Willow, it can be placed among real trees and it will perfectly fit. Indoor, in hotel halls, in reading rooms, in conference rooms, in relax areas, but also outdoor, in gardens, in patios, resorts, outdoor spaces in shopping malls, water parks, the Verdevip® Artificial Willow creates a relaxing, quiet and cosy corner that helps you regain your focus, serenity and inner balance. Your friends, your customers, your guests and you will be delighted by the wonder of the landscape recreated by our UVR Willow for many years to come.

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