Semi-Natural Camellia Luxe · White Flowers · Majestic Trunk · cm. 275


Made in Italy –  Treated natural trunk with Phytosanitary Certificate – Single piece – No assembly required – Waxed dustproof leaves – Plastic pot

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The wonderful Camellia Luxe branch can be installed on the Majestic trunk, a natural trunk, imposing and picturesque, with multiple burls of different dimensions. Its diameter can reach 35 cm. The upper part of the Majestic trunk is a structure of intertwined branches which create a natural sight that is really evocative. Just like in nature, each Majestic trunk is unique and it is distinguished by its own characteristics that make it unmistaklable in its sinuous curves and its shades, in the position of its burls and branchings. The branches are installed one by one by our expert craftsmen that, basing on your needs and requirements, will give life to a unrepeatable specimen: as a matter of fact, you will choose the height of your tree as well as the diameter and even the shape of its crown. Once the tree has been delivered, don’t forget to open its branches and, lastly, shape and bend them into the desired position.

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